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12 VDC, 120 VAC 300 Watt Output Power Inverter

Item #ICT300-12SNV
Suggested Retail: $355.00
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The ICT300-12SNV inverter is designed specifically for communications site applications. Whether your communications site is off the grid, or designed to operate from DC power for uninterrupted quality of service, certain components still require high quality, reliable AC sine wave power to operate.

ICT Site Inverters are low profile, high performance sine-wave inverter that converts DC energy from your battery source into 300 watts of utility grade power for site equipment that requires AC electricity, such as radio links, multiplexers, routers, or digital video recorders. ICT inverters provide extremely low harmonic distortion and high efficiency, meaning that your equipment receives extremely quiet, high quality power.

Up to three ICT Site Inverters can be mounted in a single 1RU 19 inch rack shelf, to provide almost 1kW of power and six AC outlets in an ultra-compact, space saving design.

Weight2.2 lbs
Product Specifications
Input Voltage Range10.5-16 VDC
Output Voltage115 VAC +/- 5V
Operating Temperature-22°F to 140°F | -30°C to 60°C
Peak Efficiency>91%
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output Frequency60 Hz +/- 0.1%
Output Power, Continuous300 Watts
Maximum Surge Power600 Watts for 3 seconds
Total Harmonic Distortion<3%
No Load Power Consumption4 Watts
Input Current, Max35 Amps
INF39771 #6 Telcoflex Gray L4 Class I, Cloth Braid
Suggested Retail: $1.75
BRNYA6C-L-BOX #6 1-Hole Lug 1/4" Hole, Insp Window, Std Barrel, Blue
Suggested Retail: $4.69
INFMT-586-R #6 AWG THHN Red Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $1.45
INFMT-586-B #6 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $1.45
BRNYAZV4C2TC14FX #4 Lug Two 1/4 Holes @ 5/8" OC Long Barrel, Window, Gray
Suggested Retail: $7.64
INFMT-5804-R #4 AWG THHN Red Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $2.00
INFMT-5804-B #4 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $2.00
ICTRMK3 Rack Mount Kit Site Inverters 300 for 1, 2, or 3 Inverters
Suggested Retail: $135.00
SLXPST-300-12 12VDC-115VAC 300-500W Inverter Pure Sine Wave
Suggested Retail: $233.57

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