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20-60V 24 Volt 10 Amp Isolated Converter Series 2

Item #ICT206024-20AI2
Suggested Retail: $385.00
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ISOLATED SERIES 2 - Fully Isolated DC-DC Power Converters
ICT Isolated Series 2 DC-DC converters provide additional features not normally found on compact converters. This line delivers higher efficiency, an on/off control contact to help save energy and battery life, three high power models, and a 3-year warranty. The Isolated Series 2 provides the benefits of full isolation at non-isolated converter price levels.

Isolated Series 2 converters can operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, and are ideal for applications where complete isolation is necessary between primary and secondary circuits, as well as from the chassis.

Whether for a vehicle, off-grid power system, or utility substation, Isolated Series 2 converters come with the added assurance of years of proven ICT reliability and performance.

Current Limiting21.0 Amps (±5%)
Line Regulation0.55
Load Regulation0.50%
Output Voltage Range27.6VDC (±300mV)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions4.90"L x 9.35"W x 2.45"H
Output Ripple30mV RMS (Max)
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature Range-30°C to +60°C (See Spec Sheet)
Output Current (Cont.)16.0 Amps
Output Current (Peak)20.0 Amps
Power Specifications
Input Voltage Range20-60VDC
Efficency90% (Typical)
Input Fuse30 Amp
INFMT-5810-B #10 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $0.60
INFMT-5812-R #12 AWG THHN Red Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $0.46
INFMT-5812-B #12 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $0.46
BRNYAZV10TC14 #10-14 AWG 1 Hole Lug, 1/4" Stud, Long Barrel, Windowed
Suggested Retail: $5.42

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