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12 Position DC Distribution Panel, 12/24VDC 180A

Item #ICT180S-12IRC
Suggested Retail: $880.00
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Intelligent DC Distribution Panel with Remote Power Control for 12 or 24VDC Applications

The ICT180S-12IRC Intelligent Distribution Panel with Remote Power Control is designed to be used in 12 or 24VDC applications. It features 12 fused output positions. Nine are ATO/ATC type fuses rated at up to 25 amps each, and three are JCASE type fuses rated at up to 40A each. Fuses and LED indicators are located on the front, enabling easy monitoring and replacement. The 1RU design saves valuable rack space, and fits all standard 19 inch racks. A front panel LCD information display and rear mounted Form C alarm contacts are provided.

An integrated security protected Ethernet communications port allows the ICT180S-12IRC to be monitored from a remote site using an industry standard web browser. HTTPS and SNMP V1/V2c protocols are supported. System current, system voltage, individual output currents and fuse status can be monitored, and alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts.

Five digital contacts inputs are provided to allow site monitoring sensors such as door, water, and smoke alarms to be connected and email alerts to be sent. Each alarm can be given a unique name. Configurable as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC).

DC outputs can be turned on and off remotely, allowing connected loads to be power-cycled using the Ethernet connection. Automatic load-shedding can be defined to protect critical loads. A network watchdog feature will ping up to two I.P. addresses and power-cycle loads such as routers which may need rebooting to restore communications with the site.

Weight8 lbs
Operating Temperature-22°F to 140°F | -30°C to 60°C
Product Specifications
Operating Voltage10.0-30.0 VDC
Panel Capacity, Continuous150 Amps
Panel Capacity, Peak180 Amps
Fuse Capacity25A Maximum ATO/ATC x 9 | 40A Maxium JCASE x 3
Power Consumption3 Watts
Voltage Drop, Typical60 mV
Number of Outputs12
Site Sensor Contact Inputs5 Digital
Alarm ContactsForm C
INF39771 #6 Telcoflex Gray L4 Class I, Cloth Braid
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INFMT-586-R #6 AWG THHN Red Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $1.45
INFMT-586-B #6 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
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BRNYAZV4C2TC14FX #4 Lug Two 1/4 Holes @ 5/8" OC Long Barrel, Window, Gray
Suggested Retail: $7.64
INFMT-5804-R #4 AWG THHN Red Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
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INFMT-5804-B #4 AWG THHN Black Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Suggested Retail: $2.00
ICTWMB Wall Mount Bracket, Pair
Suggested Retail: $26.00
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WSTN250110-N-0803 5/5 GMT Front Access Fuse Panel
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NEWDST-20A-UL Rack Mount Distribution Panel Breakers Not Included
Suggested Retail: $1120.00

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