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12 Volt 155 Amp AGM Sealed Storage Battery

Item #GNBM12V155FT
Suggested Retail: $519.95
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Industrial Batteries / Network Power: Marathon M FT
Designed for durability in telecommunications and electric utility applications, the Marathon M FT series provides high performance and reliability in medium and long duration discharge applications. The location of the terminals on the front (vs. the top) of the battery greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of the product when placed in a cabinet enclosure or on a standard relay rack tray.


Front terminal design - easy access for faster installation and maintenance
  • Durable polypropylene casing (available as flame retardant) - maintains structural integrity in higher operating temperatures
  • Short recharging time - high availability
  • Optimal energy density - saves floor space
  • Completely recyclable - low CO⊃2 footprint

  • Width124 mm | 4.88189 in (b/w)
    Weight53.8 kg | 2.11811 Lbs (Aprox)
    Capacity104 Ah (C1 1.60 Vpc 20°C)
    Lenght559 mm | 22.0079 in
    Techincal Specifications
    Nominal Voltage12 Volts
    Nominal Capacity150 Ah (C10 1.80 Vpc 20°C)
    Height (h1)283 mm | 11.1417 in (Max)
    Internal Resistance3.8 mOhm
    Short Circuit Current3292 Amps
    Constant Current DischargeSee Spec Sheet

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