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Gamber Johnson


Faceplates for Motorola HCN1052B, HCN1098A +

Item #GBR7140-1010
Suggested Retail: $33.00
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Radio/Control Head Faceplate
For the following:

  • Motorola Astro Spectra W9 Control head
  • Motorola HCN 1052B Maratrac Remote HD ADV. A-7
  • Motorola HCN 1089A Maratrac (Astro)
  • Motorola Maratrac A7 Head
  • Motorola Maratrac W-9
  • Motorola Spectra C-9 HCN1073D
  • Motorola Spectra/W9
  • Motorola Syntor X9000 (same as spectra, astro-ctrl head only)

  • HeightSee Spec Sheet
    WidthSee Spec Sheet
    StyleTwo Piece Brackets