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2"x4" Fiber Connector Outdoor, Lint Free Dry Wipe, 50/Pkg

Item #FBRFA1
Suggested Retail: $29.70
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FiberAide Single-Use Fiber Optic Connector Wipe for OEM Installs and OSP Environments
FiberAide wipes are designed for two critical cleaning applications:
(a) the one-time cleaning required during the installation of fiber optic cables, accessories or components
(b) the installation, maintenance and repair of fiber networks in harsh environments.
Each lint-free wipe is in a hermetically-sealed, contamination-proof packet that is opened just before use, so cleaning is fast, efficient and cost-effective. This product is simple, reliable and easyto-use, even for infrequent users.

Dimensions2" x 4"
Packets per Box50
FBRPOC03M Fiber Splice/Conn Cleaner, 3 oz Can, 400+ Cleans/can
Suggested Retail: $33.00

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