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Fiber Clean Single Fiber LC & MU Effective PC UPC & APC

Item #FBR9393
Suggested Retail: $129.38
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IBC™ Brand Cleaning Tool
Corning Cable Systems Single-Fiber Port Cleaners are designed to clean connector end-faces in patch panels and adapters. An integrated dust cap allows for cleaning unmated connector end-faces. Single-fiber port cleaners are proven effective for removing the following from connector end-faces: skin oil, hand lotion, Arizona road dust, pre- and post-mate graphite, salt, isopropyl and distilled water residues. These cleaners are simple to use and offer over 525 cleanings.

Weight0.084 Lbs
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions1.02"H x 1.02"W x 7.41"D
ODMAC-089 1.25mm One Click Cleaner, H125
Suggested Retail: $69.00

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