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EMR Corporation


138-174/406-512 MHz Crossband Coupler

Item #EMR6050/CHK
Suggested Retail: $475.00
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Mobile VHF/UHF/HUHF Crossband Coupler
Weight1 Lbs
RF ConnectorsType N Female
Dimensions5"H x 3"W x 1-1/2"D
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band138-174, 406-512, 764-960
Isolation60 dB
Number of Bandsany 2 of the 3 bands listed above
Input Peak Power125 Watts
Insertin Loss0.7 dB Max.
Tx Duty Cycle100%
RF Impedance I⁄O50 Ω Nominal
Input VSWR - Broadband2:1 Max. 1.5:1 Typ.
Input VSWR - Narrowband1.5:1 Max. 1.35:1 Typ.
Operating Load VSWR3:1 Max. Continuous
Mechanical Specifications
FinishEMR Gray
Heat Load125 Watts
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity Range0 - 100%
Storage Humidity Range0 - 95% Non-Condensing
Operating Altitude Range-2,000° to + 25,000°
EMR6051/CHK 138-175/406-512 MHz Interior Mobile Crossband Coupler,N-Fem
Suggested Retail: $475.00
EMR6051/CHK-E 138-175/450-512 MHz Exterior Mobile Crossband Coupler,N-Fem
Suggested Retail: $0.00
TELTS-1545 132-174/406-470 MHz 150 Watt Crossband Coupler
Suggested Retail: $411.40
TELTS-1546 132-174/450-512 MHz 150 Watt Crossband Coupler
Suggested Retail: $411.40