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300-512 MHz 4-Channel Receiver Multicoupler BNC Conn
Item #EMR25104-1/P-5
EMR Corporation
Suggested Retail: $2,155.00
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Multicoupler Receiver 300-512 MHz Model 25104-1/P-5
Weight12 Lbs
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band300-512 MHz
Amplifier Gain+20 dB
Temperature Range+30°C to +60°C
Number of Channels4-Mar
Pass Band3-10 MHz
Number of Resonators5
Rx⁄Rx Isolation23+ dB
System Voltage115 VAC
Amplifier TypeE-PHEMPT
Amplifier Noise Figure3.0 dB
Amplifier 3rd Order IP+42 dBm
Amplifier Bias Voltage13.6 VDC
Amplifier Current Draw200 mA
Nominal Inpedance50 Ω
Max. VSWR @ Resonance1.25:1
Mechancial Specifications
Dimensions5-1/4"H x 19"W x 10"D
Amplifier 1 dB Compt+21 dBm
system NF (Typ)5.0 dB