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DuraComm Corporation


Rem Monitor/ Control Unit for Batt/Pwr Supp/DC Load w/ENet

Suggested Retail: $460.00
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DC Powered Remote Control and Monitoring Unit, 6 Isolated Voltage or current monitors, 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs, AC voltage monitor all accessible via the internet.
The DC-RMCU1 DC-Powered Remote Monitoring and Control Unit, provides the ability to remotely monitor AC Line voltage up to 300 VAC, up to 6 DC Voltages and 1 temperature, monitor the status of up to 4 external alarms, as well as the ability to remotely control the state of 4 digital open-drain MOSFET outputs, all via the internet using any standard web browser. The Channel 1 DC voltage input is configured at the factory to measure current using the included 100 Amp/50mV shunt. A mobile friendly version of the status page is also included. Alarms and email notifications can be configured for the 6 analog voltage channels (high or low voltage), and email notifications can be configured for the Alarm inputs. A high-temperature alarm threshold can be configured to send an email notification, as well as control one of the digital outputs internally. The DC-RMCU1 also sends SNMP Traps for alarm conditions. The DC-RMCU1 can also be set to log measurements to a 2 GB internal micro SD card, and the measurements are time stamped with a real-time clock.

  • Send email alerts
  • SNMP traps
  • On board reset button for "Hard Reset" to restore settings back to factory defaults
  • Able to control items or monitor device., login to make changes and/or view log via web page
  • On board memory storage. Micro SD Memory Card
  • 6 isolated DC voltmeters (+/- 100 VDC) or Amp meters
  • 1 AC line Voltmeter
  • 4 input pins. For alarms, external sensors or dry contact closure
  • 4 output pins. Open collector output to drive external relays or logic
  • Weight3.25 lbs
    Warranty3 Years
    Operating Temperature Range-20° to +60° C
    Dimensions8" H x 3" W x 5" D
    Communication Ports10/100 Ethernet
    Input Voltage (DC)9-60VDC
    Input Voltage (AC)24-300 VAC for Monitoring
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