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Quantum IDU Dual Channel 50MB Dual Radio IF Port XPIC 48VDC
Item #DRGQM-M-050-N-00
Suggested Retail: $2,700.00
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High capacity packet microwave.
Delivering from 2 to 4 Gbps per link, Horizon Quantum represents the next generation in packet microwave technology and sets a new benchmark for performance. With dual-channel capability, this splitmount system is a step change in spectral efficiency, capacity, nodal intelligence, and operational simplicity; all while occupying only half a rack unit and consuming the lowest power per bit of any solution today.
Optional Adapter110/240 VAC
Input-40.5 VDC to -60 VDC or +40.5 VDC to +60 VDC
Typical Consumption - Single Channel91 watts
Typical Consumption - Dual Channel105 watts
Typical Consumption - Dual Channel, Dual Radio146 watts
PowerDual feed 48V
Network SwitchOn-board, layer 2, xSTP
IF CableN-Type female connector
DRGA-OPT-XCMB IF Combiner for 4-Channel XPIC
Suggested Retail: $500.00
DRGA-FUP-BNW-050-800-HQ Horizon Quantum Upgrade 50 Mbps to 800 Mbps (New Link)
Suggested Retail: $5000.00
DRGA-FUP-QFT-BUN Link Upgrade, Quantum Feature (AAM, XPIC and Advanced Ethnt)
Suggested Retail: $1000.00
DRGA-FUP-QFT-AAM Link Upgrade, Quantum Feature, Automatic Adaptive Modulation
Suggested Retail: $500.00

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