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896-980 MHz 4-Element 6dB Welded Series Alum Yagi Ant
Item #CUSPC904N
Laird / Cushcraft
Suggested Retail: $63.22
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Directional Antenna Specs 1
Gain6 dB
Bandwidth (MHz)84
Electrical Downtilt0 Deg
Power200 Watts
Vert. Beamwidth70 Deg
Horz. Beamwidth100 Deg
Front-to-Back Ratio15 dB
PolarizationVertical or Horizontal
TerminationPigtail with N-Female
Mounting HardwareStainless Steel U-Bolt
Directional Antenna Specs 2
Wind Rating (mph.)125
Overall Length (in.)13
Dim (H x W x D) - (in.)N/A
Net Weight (lbs.)1.1
Shipping MethodUPS
Warranty2 Year
Omni Antenna
Frequency Range (MHz)896-980
Directional Antenna Specs 2
Ship Weight (lbs.)3
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