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Laird / Cushcraft


698-960/1710-2700 MHz Low PIM 2-Port MIMO Ceiling Mt Antenna

Item #CUSCMD69273P-30NF
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698to960MHz/1710 to2700 MHz Low PIM2-port MIMOCeiling Mount Antenna
The CMD69273P indoor broadband 2-port MIMO omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for indoor requirements at 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz for the CELLULAR, UMTS and LTE/WiMAX frequency bands. The individual antenna elements are designed with linear H/V-polarization components oriented to provide a pattern that has been specifically shaped to provide optimal performance from a ceiling mount location.
698-806 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical3.1 dBi
Peak Gain, Max3.9 dBi
Isolation<-20 dB
824-894 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical3.1 dBi
Peak Gain, Max3.8 dBi
Isolation<-22 dB
880-960 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical2.8 dBi
Peak Gain, Max3.5 dBi
Isolation<-18 dB
1710-1880 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical5.9 dBi
Peak Gain, Max6.8 dBi
Isolation<-26 dB
1850-1990 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical4.5 dBi
Peak Gain, Max5.1 dBi
Isolation<-25 dB
1910-2170 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical4.3 dBi
Peak Gain, Max4.7 dBi
Isolation<-22 dB
2300-2500 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical5.9 dBi
Peak Gain, Max6.3 dBi
Isolation<-20 dB
2500-2700 MHz
Peak Gain, Typical6.9 dBi
Peak Gain, Max7.4 dBi
Isolation<-20 dB
General Specifications
PIM, 3rd Order<-150 dBc
Maximum VSWR2.0:1
Nominal Impedance-50 Ohms
Max Power50 Watts
PolarizationLinear H | V for each Radiator
ConnectorsDual Type N Female

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