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Tappers operate similarly to directional couplers but with no directivity. Tappers are uniquely specified, as the value in dB is a ratio of the two output signals, not coupling value. For example, a 3:1 or 4.8 dB tapper with a 10 watt input signal would have 7.5 watts output at the mainline port and 2.5 watts output at the tapped port, similar to a 6 dB directional coupler. ClearLinkr Power Tappers feature low PIM, low insertion loss and power handling up to 200 watts. Available with N Female or 7/16 DIN connectors with a matching coupling port.
General Specifications
Frequency698-2700 MHz
Standard Coupling15 dB
Insertion Loss0.1 dB
Mainline Loss1.26 dB ± 0.4
PIM Rating, Typical-153 dBc
Connectors7/16 DIN
Operating Temperature-35°C to 75°C
ANDL4TDM-PSA Conn, Positive Stop 7/16 DIN Male for 1/2" LDF4, AL4RPV
Suggested Retail: $24.68
ANDL4TDF-PSA Conn, Positive Stop 7/16 DIN Female for 1/2" LDF4, AL4RPV
Suggested Retail: $24.68
ANDMCPT-L4 Easiax Cutting Tool for LDF4, FT4 and HL4RP Heliax Cable
Suggested Retail: $18.48
MLBDN-94FD 350-5850 MHz 15dB 500W Low PIM Tapper, DIN Female
Suggested Retail: $138.33

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