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These low PIM coaxial directional couplers feature a ≤-150 dBc PIM rating, low insertion loss and power handling capability of 200 watts average power.

General Specifications
Operating Temperature-25°C to +75°C
Dimensions6.09 x 2.56 x 0.87 in
Insertion Loss0.3 dB
Standard Coupling20
Coupling Variation±1.0 dB
Directivity, Min20 dB
PIM Rating, Typical-153 dBc
ANDL4TNM-PSA Conn, Positive Stop N-Male for 1/2" LDF4, AL4RPV
Suggested Retail: $24.68
ANDL4TNF-PSA Conn, Positive Stop N-Female for 1/2" LDF4, AL4RPV
Suggested Retail: $24.68
ANDMCPT-L4 Easiax Cutting Tool for LDF4, FT4 and HL4RP Heliax Cable
Suggested Retail: $18.48
MLBCP-18N 698-2700 MHz 20dB 300W Low PIM Directional Coupler, N-Fem
Suggested Retail: $150.00
ANWC-20-CPUSE-N-AI6 698-2700 MHz 20dB, Low PIM Air Directional Coupler, N-Females
Suggested Retail: $201.00

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