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Dura-Blok Rooftop Support DB Series, 5" x 6" x 9.6"
Item #CPRDB10
B-Line by Eaton
Suggested Retail: $33.16
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Dura-Blok rooftop support, DB Series
DURA-BLOK products gives you a versatile and long-term solution for all your roof top support needs. Designed with flexibility in mind, DURA-BLOK is ideal for roof top support applications such as pipe, HVAC, duct, conduit, cable tray, and roof walkways.

Manufactured to provide years of service in harsh, roof top environments, DURA-BLOK is made from 100% recycled rubber, require no supplemental rubber pads, and will not float or blow away. 1" (25.4) gaps between blocks allow water to flow freely around longer assemblies. For added strength, the DURA-BLOK support channel is through bolted on all sizes. For added visibility, a reflective strip is incorporated on both sides of each DURA-BLOK.

Beyond product durability, DURA-BLOK helps to dampen vibration, are not sharp or abrasive and require no roof penetration to maximize existing roof life - and roof structural and environmental integrity

General Specifications
Dimensions5" H x 6" W x 9.6" L
Weight5.28 lbs | 2.39 kg
Load Rating500 lbs | 2.22 kN
LDRPSRS-3/8 Spring Nut 1-5/8" w/ 3/8" Tapped Hole (1 EACH)
Suggested Retail: $1.00
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