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490-512 MHz, 300 Watt, 10 dBd, 7 Element HD Yagi, Direct N

Item #CMTY3347D-E
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3 Element Yagi Antenna - 406-512 MHz 10.4dB Gain
High Performance: These antennas provide 10.4dBd, wide band performance.

Rugged and weatherproof: The construction of our heavy duty yagis feature 1"aluminum U channel with 3/8" solid elements. All exposed areas are coated with UV polyester. The balun assembly is filled and sealed with elastomeric thermoplastic.

Lightweight and Durable: These antennas are easily installed by one person.

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range490-512 MHz
Gain10.4 dBd
Rating300 Watts
F to B20 dB
Mechanical Specifications
Material 1" aluminum U channel boom
3/8" solid elements
FinishUV inhibited polyester coat
TerminationDirect N connection to the balun.
Mounting2-3/8" mast max.
HardwareStainless steel
Length43.0 In
Weight<4.0 Lbs