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821-896/1850-1990 MHz Dualband Permanent Mt White Phantom Ant
Item #ANXTRA821/18503P
Laird / Antenex
Suggested Retail: $78.17
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Mobile Antenna
Frequency Range821-896/1850-1990
Connector TypeNone
Mobile Antenna Specs 2
Gain3 dB
BandwidthSame as Freq Range
Power (watts)200
Whip MaterialABS plastic
Whip Length2-1/2"
Base StylePermanent Mount
Mount StyleNone
Connector TypeNone
Warranty2 Year
Mobile Antenna
ColorWhite Model(s)
R/FRFA4005 Crimp Tool 2 Dies RG58, RG8X LMR195, 240 & 400, RG8, 213/4
Suggested Retail: $241.15
CSICLEARLINK-D/698-2.7K/N 698-960/1710-2700MHz 7dBi Low PIM In/Outdoor Panel Ant,N-Fem
Suggested Retail: $90.00
LARNMOTEST1 Test Adapter, NMO Mount to UHF Female
Suggested Retail: $53.13
ANXNS1535 15 Amp 1-35 Volt DC Noise Suppressor
Suggested Retail: $46.53
LARSLPT698/2170NMOHF 698-906/1710-2500 MHz 2dBi Low Profile Transit Antenna, NMO
Suggested Retail: $38.14

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