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Laird External Antennas | HS34RB 3/4" Hole Saw Replacement Blades, 2/Pkg

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X-ACT™ Hole Saw Replacement Blades
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without the ANTENEX X-ACT Saw. The X-ACT Saw cuts a precise hole in the vehicle mounting surface to allow the installation of industry standard ANTENEX 3/4 permanent hole mounts. This innovative, one piece monolithic body design is machined from a single piece of hardened steel. It will not disassemble on the job!

The X-ACT Saw features a replaceable self-centering pilot drill (HS34DB) that prevents dangerous walking of the saw and a replaceable hardened saw blade (HS34RB). The X-ACT also features a 1/8 depth limit that will prevent damage to the underlying headliner, yet it is deep enough to cut through thicker aluminum surfaces encountered on utility vehicles and ambulances.

The X-ACT Saw is designed for a 3/8 drill chuck and is nickel plated to guard the tool against corrosion. The X-ACT Saw may also be used in other applications where a 3/4 hole is needed and depth is critical. Now in 3/8 also!

Product TypeHole Saw Replacement Blades
Hole Size3/4"
Package, quantity2
Weight1.05 lbs
Laird External Antennas HS34DB Pilot Drill Bit for HS34 Hole Saw
ANXHS34DB Pilot Drill Bit for HS34 Hole Saw
Suggested Retail: $76.05
Laird External Antennas HS34 3/4
ANXHS34 3/4" dia. Hole Saw, fits 3/8" Drill
Suggested Retail: $115.02
PCTEL K35 3/4
MXRK35 3/4" Rubber Hole Plug
Suggested Retail: $2.30
Pulse/Larsen NMOCAPB Black Plastic Rain Cap for NMO Mounts
LARNMOCAPB Black Plastic Rain Cap for NMO Mounts
Suggested Retail: $9.19

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