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Product image of Laird / Antenex FG4605-TUNED

Laird / Antenex


460-470 MHz 4.5 dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station Antenna

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Laird Technologies offers an extensive array of base station and in-building wireless antennas. Responding to the ever-increasing variety of frequencies and applications, Laird Technologies offers VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, Cell/PCS dual-band and GSM/UMTS tri-band variations.

Leading the industry with the internally matched, fully welded, gold anodized Yagi, all Laird Technologies base station antennas represent high performance and long-lasting value.

For example, Laird Technologies omni-directional models are the antennas of choice for research bases in Antarctica.

General Specifications
VHF Model NumberFG4605
Frequency Range460-470 MHz
Tuned Frequency465 MHz
Gain5 dBd
Length6.3 Ft
Power200 Watts (Max)
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