Product image of CommScope 7561393-0010 Node A2 Subrack, 100-240 VAC PSU

CommScope | 7561393-0010 Node A2 Subrack, 100-240 VAC PSU

Item #ANW7561393-0010
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To be replaced by 7640794-xxxx, Node A2+
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The Andrew 7561392-0010 two position subrack for the node A selective multi-band repeater is the building block of the node A repeater system.

This amplifier accessory is 100-240 VAC powered. Antenna ports are N female and interconnect ports are QN female. With the Andrew two position subrack you can choose one or two of the following bands to connect to: TERTA, LMR 700, LMR 800, cellular, LMR 900, UMTS 900, AWS 1700, GSM 1800, PCS 1900, or UMTS 2100.

Narrative: The subrack is the building block of the NODE A repeater system. It is the enclosure that houses the amplifier modules, combiner and the optional modem. It provides power and interconnection to all the component pieces.

Chose between the 2 slot or 4 slot subrack based on the number of amplifier modules and operating voltage required. Limited to three high power modules in a single 4 position rack.

General Specifications
Length7.0 In
Width13.8 In
Height17.7 In
ConnectorsN Female (ant), QN Female (interconnect)
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Number of Slots2
Weight24.0 Lbs