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Product image of CommScope RFFT-36SM-001-75M



75m LC-LC SM 36 Fiber 18-Ch Trunk Cable Assy, Pulling Grip

Item #ANDRFFT-36SM-001-75M
Suggested Retail: $1,687.55
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Bend Insensitive Singlemode Fiber DLC to DLC, 36 Fiber Cable Assembly with Pulling Grip, 75 m
Cord Length75 m | 246.06 ft
General Specifications
Construction TypeDiscrete Fiber Trunk
Construction Material
Fiber TypeBend Insensitive Singlemode Fiber
Environmental Specifications
Environmental SpaceRiser | Wireless Installation
Jacket ColorBlack
Total Fibers36
Breakout Length, Fiber, End 22 m | 7 ft
Interface, Connector ADLC
Interface, Connector BDLC
Furcation ColorYellow
Breakout Length, Fiber, End 11 m | 3 ft
Cable GlandsNo Glands
Color, Connector ABlue
Color, Connector BBlue
Interface Body Style, Connector AStraight
Interface Body Style, Connector BStraight
Interface Feature, Connector AUniboot
Interface Feature, Connector BUniboot
Minimum Bend Radius, Furcation30 m | 1.2 in
Pulling Grips1
Operation Temperature-40°C to +70°C
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