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115/220AC Dehydrator 2-5psi Sound Deadening,Summary Alarms
Item #ANDMT500B-81015
Suggested Retail: $2,987.00
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DryLine Dehydrator, Low-pressure membrane, 19 in rack mountable, 2.0-5.0 psig, with summary alarm, 115 Vac, 60 Hz

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  • 3/8 in polyethylene tubing
  • 90 elbow fitting
  • Male connector fitting
  • Needle Valve
  • Power cord
  • Power cord connector lock
  • PTFE tape
  • Screws

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    The most advanced mid-sized automatic membrane dehydrator has now been added to the Andrew family of DryLine pressurization equipment. The MT500B dehydrator provides the industry with improved microprocessor based controls and extended dry air output. Patented membrane drying technology has been further improved to require less operating pressure, thereby extending compressor life. The MT500B is an automatically activated unit designed for mid volume air-dielectric or waveguide systems of 3396 liters (10 to 120 cubic feet). The patented lifetime membrane dryer removes moisture from the air to help maintain a positive pressure on the transmission lines to prevent moisture intrusion.

    Technically Advanced Drying-The MT500B uses a patented world-class membrane drying technology to provide consistent dry air production over the life of the unit. The automatic membrane drying circuit is proven to perform better than refrigerant or desiccant technologies over time. The membrane eliminates complexities and maintenance cycles that are common with PSA. There are no desiccants or drying media to replace.

    Alarm OptionsThe MT500B includes a low-pressure alarm which closes at 1.0 psig (68 mbar) and an excess run alarm. The standard alarm package provides a single contact closure for the three alarms, functioning as a summary alarm, high humidity alarm factory set at 7.5% RH, as well as discrete contacts for each alarm. An approved terminal block is provided for the alarm outputs.

    Electrical Connections-Units designed for use throughout the world. The ac input to the compressor is rated for both 50 and 60 Hz operation. Units are equipped with a UL/CSA cord set or a strip leads harmonized cord set.

    Extended Compressor Life-The most reliable, robust oil-free compressor is combined with the low pressure membrane technology, resulting in the most dependable system. The product is backed by the best warranty in the industry-three years or three thousand hours.

    Microprocessor Control and Monitoring with Digital DisplayCompressor control is managed by a microprocessor, improving accuracy and reliability over mechanical pressure switch controls. System pressure and status is presented on the digital LCD display.

    Mounting Flexibility-The MT500B features a versatile mounting capability. Featuring unique one-person mounting, the unit mounts directly in standard 19 inch relay racks. The unit may also be mounted directly to a wall by moving the mounting flanges to the rear of the housing. Heavy-duty rubber feet are provided for floor or table-top use.

  • Digital LCD display for alarm and system status
  • Dual display modes for system status and last event
  • Compressor run-time alarm

  • BrandDryLine
    Operating Temperature-10 C to +50 C (+14 F to +122 F)
    Mount TypeFloor | Rack | Shelf | Wall
    Voltage115 Vac 10%
    Port Type3/8 in PE tube
    Rack TypeEIA 19 in
    Alarm TypeSummary
    Excess-Run Alarm10 minutes, factory set
    Low-Pressure Alarm68 mbar | 7 kPa | 1 psig
    Net Weight35.4 lb | 16.0 kg
    Product Depth12.6 in | 320.0 mm
    Product Height10.4 in | 264.1 mm
    Product Width17.0 in | 431.8 mm
    Gross Weight, Packed39.1 lb | 17.7 kg
    Product Depth, Packed21.0 in | 533.4 mm
    Product Height, Packed14.0 in | 355.6 mm
    Product Width, Packed18.0 in | 457.2 mm
    Electrical Specifications
    Power CordUSA power cord
    Alarm Contact RatingForm C dry contacts, 2 amps at 30 Vdc
    Power Consumption, average225.0 W
    Power Frequency60 Hz
    Power PhaseSingle
    Suggested Circuit Breaker Size20 A
    Circuit Breaker RequirementElectrical connections require separate circuits for dehydrator installation
    General Specifications
    Dehydrator TypeAutomatic Membrane
    Voltage Typeac
    Volume Capacity, minimum10.0 ft³ | 283.2 L
    Volume Capacity, maximum120.0 ft³ | 120.0 ft³
    Cut In
    Out Pressure TypeFactory set
    Cut In Pressure13.8 kPa | 2.0 psig
    Cut Out Pressure34.5 kPa | 5.0 psig
    Dew PointBetter than -45 C (-50 F) at 95% RH at +40 C (+104 F)
    Flow Rate, nominal14.20 SLPM | 0.50 SCFM
    Port Count1
    Rack Units6
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