Product image of CommScope L6CLICK Click-on Hanger Blocks for 1-1/4

CommScope | L6CLICK Click-on Hanger Blocks for 1-1/4" Cables, 10/Pkg

Suggested Retail: $40.69
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** Hardware ordered separately
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Length133.00 mm | 5.24 in
Height51.00 mm | 2.01 in
Width70.00 mm | 2.76 in
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Nominal Size1-1/4 in
Electrical Specifications
DTF Effect0.1 dB
Return Loss Effect0.1 dB
Material TypeEngineered Plastic
Compatible Diameter, Max40.132 mm | 1.580 in
Compatible Diameter, Min38.100 mm | 1.500 in
General Specifications
Hanger TypeClick-on Hanger
Cables per Hanger2
Mounting3.8 in drilled cable ladder
Maximum Stack Height3
Mechanical Specifications
Axial Load Capability, minimum with no cable slippage≥5 times cable weight
UV Resistance, Minimum with no degradation≥100 Hours Exposure in Accelerated UV Life Chamber
Vibration Survival≥4 Hours at resonant frequency
Weight3.11 lbs
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