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Conn, Positive Stop 7/16 DIN Male for 1/2" LDF4, AL4RPV
Suggested Retail: $24.68
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Positive Stop™ Connectors
Secure, foolproof, no-special-tools required connection every time

Revolutionary Positive Stop Connectors for HELIAX corrugated coaxial cables require no special tools or torque wrenches, eliminating both guess work and time consuming measurements.

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  • No special tools required
  • Full tightens in less than one rotation
  • Visual and mechanical fit verification
  • Integrated sealing mechanism
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • BrandHELIAX® | Positive Stop™
    Interface7-16 DIN Male
    3rd Order IMD Test MethodTwo +43 dBm carriers
    Electrical Specifications
    Operating Frequency Band0-8800 MHz
    Connector Impedance50 ohm
    RF Operating Voltage, Max1415.00 V
    Electrical Specifications
    Peak Power, Max40.00 kW
    Insertion Loss, Typical0.05 dB
    Shielding Effectiveness-110 dB
    dc Test Voltage4000 V
    Body StyleStraight
    Mounting AngleStraight
    Outer Contact Resistance, Max1.50 mOhm
    Inner Contact Resistance, Max0.80 mOhm
    Insulation Resistance, Min5000 mOhm
    Average Power,1.1 kW @ 900 MHz
    General Specifications
    3rd Order IMD, Typical-120 dBm @ 910 MHz
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