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Item #ANDHP8-77-P3B
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8 ft High Performance Parabolic Shielded Antenna, single-polarized, 7.750-8.500 GHz
Andrew Solutions shielded point-to-point microwave antennas deliver exceptional RF pattern performance and superior frequency control, all for a surprisingly low lifetime cost. A wide variety of configurations and capabilities provide network operators with the flexibility and control they need in today's evolving market.

Andrew Solutions designs and engineers a complete range of point-to-point microwave antennas that help operators to maximize bandwidth efficiency and increase system reliability while minimizing both capital and operational expenditures.

Equipped with a painted reflector and RF-absorbing shield, each antenna also features a low VSWR feed, a planar radome, and vertical pipe mount. All are engineered and tested to Andrew's uncompromising standards.

Radiation Pattern Envelopes-For each antenna model, Andrew publishes a complete range of radiation pattern envelopes (RPEs). Each detailed pattern envelope provides an easy-to-read and informative description of how the antenna performs at various frequencies and along specific planes. Copies of the RPEs for each antenna are also on file at various telecom regulatory offices around the world.

  • Good RF pattern performance
  • Low lifetime cost

  • Operating Frequency Band7.750 - 8.500 GHz
    Return Loss30.7 dB
    Fine Elevation Adjustment±5°
    Wind Velocity Operational68 mph | 110 km/h
    Wind Velocity Survival Rating124 mph | 200 km/h
    General Specifications
    Antenna TypeHP - High Performance Parabolic Shielded Antenna, single-polarized
    Diameter, nominal8.0 ft | 2.4 m
    Beamwidth, Vertical1.1°
    Cross Polarization Discrimination (XPD)30 dB
    Front-to-Back Ratio68 dB
    Gain, Low Band42.9 dBi
    Gain, Mid Band43.3 dBi
    Gain, Top Band43.6 dBi
    Radiation Pattern Envelope Reference (RPE)3765G
    Mechanical Specifications
    Fine Azimuth Adjustment±5°
    Mounting Pipe Diameter4.5 in | 227.0 kg
    Side Struts, Optional2 outboard
    Wind Forces At Wind Velocity Survival Rating
    Angle a for MT Max-110°
    Axial Force (FA)2537.0 lbf | 11284.0 N
    Side Force (FS)1257.0 lbf | 5590.0 N
    Twisting Moment (MT)-4901 N⚫m
    Weight with 1⁄2 in (12 mm) Radial Ice1001.0 lb | 454.0 kg
    Zcg with 1⁄2 in (12 mm) Radial Ice29.0 in | 729.0 mm
    Side Struts, Included1 inboard | 1 outboard
    Zcg without Ice26.0 in | 673.0 mm
    Force on Inboard Strut Side958.0 lbf | 4260.0 n
    Force on Outboard Strut Side1266.0 lbf | 5630.0 N
    Electrical Specifications
    Beamwidth, Horizontal1.1°
    Electrial ComplianceETSI Class 2