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1/2" Corrugated Copper Plenum Air Diel 50 Ohm Coax, Wht Jckt
Item #ANDHL4RPV-50
Suggested Retail: $4.27
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HL4-50, HELIAX® Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable, corrugated copper, 1/2 in, off white PVC jacket

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HELIAX®r Non-halogenated fire retardant cables supplied by Andrew Solutions are covered under the Limited Product Warranty within the Standard HELIAXr Cable, Connector, Accessory and Cable Assembly Products section. The warranty covers HELIAX® NHR cables for 10 years from the original shipment date.

Coaxial Cable
Jacket MaterialPVC
Delectric MaterialPE spline
General Characteristics
Inner Conductor MaterialCopper-clad aluminum wire
Jacket ColorOff-white
Outer Conductor MaterialCorrugated Copper
Nominal Size1/2"
Cable Weight0.17 lb/ft
Diameter Over Jacket0.605"
Inner Conductor OD0.1890"
Outer Conductor OD0.545"
Cable Impedance50 Ohms
Attenuation (db)
100 FT/0.5 MHz0.045
100 FT
1 MHz0.064
100 Ft
1.5 MHz0.079
2 MHz0.299
100 FT
10 MHz0.205
20 MHz0.292
30 MHz0.359
50 MHz0.466
88 MHz0.624
100 MHz0.667
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