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240' 6-OVP Hybrid Trunk Cable 24 SM Fiber + 12 x 6AWG Cond

Item #ANDHFT1206-24S49-240
Suggested Retail: $7,210.83
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HELIAX® FiberFeed® Hybrid Cable Assembly, 6X12, UL Type TC-ER, 12 power conductors 6 AWG, 24-fiber, 18 alarm wires, PVC jacket, aluminum armor, 240 ft
Fiber TypeBend insensitive singlemode fiber
Construction Materials
Fiber TypeBend insensitive singlemode fiber
Total Fiber24
Armor TypeCorrugated aluminum
Jacket ColorBlack
Cord Length73.15 m | 240.00 ft
Breakout Length, Fiber, end 1900 mm | 35 in, 950 mm | 37 in, 1000 mm | 39 in
Breakout Length, Power, end 1725 mm | 29 in
Breakout Length, Power, end 2725 mm | 29 in
General Specifications
Construction TypeHybrid standard truink
Alarm Wire Gauge18 AWG
Center Conductor Gauge6 AWG
Interface Body Style, Connector AStraight
Interface Body Style, Connector BStraight
Interface Feature, Connector AStandard
Interface Feature, Connector BStandard
Interface, Connector ADLC
Interface, Connector BDLC
Minimum Bend Radius, furcation30.0 mm | 1.2 in
Alarm Wire18
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