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7/8" Fire Retardant Heliax 50 Ohm Coax Cable, Solid Cu Cond
Suggested Retail: $8.36
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Heliax® Andrew Virtual Air™ Coaxial Cable, corrugated copper 7/8 inch, black, Non-hallogenated, fire retardant polyolefin jacket
  • Uses 78EZ Series Connectors
  • Non-halogenated, fire retardant polyolefin
  • Corrugated Copper Outer Conductor Material
  • Foam PE Dielectric Material

  • Construction Materials
    Jacket ColorBlack
    Electrical Specifications
    Operating Frequency Band1-5000 MHz
    Nominal Size7/8"
    Attenuation (dB)
    100 FT/30 MHz0.191
    100 FT/150 MHz0.248
    100 FT/450 MHz0.778
    100 FT/824 MHz1.007
    100 FT/960 MHz1.171
    100 FT/1500 MHz1.497
    100 FT/2000 MHz1.759
    100 FT/2300 MHz1.904
    Construction Materials
    Jacket MaterialPE
    Electrical Specifications
    Cable Impedance50 ohm +/-1 ohm
    Mechanical Specifications
    Bending Moment27.1 N-m | 20.0 ft lb
    Diameter Over Jacket27.91 mm | 1.102 in
    Inner Conductor OD9.4488 mm | 0.3720 in
    Outer Conductor OD25.40 mm | 1.00 in
    Electrical Specifications
    Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms)8000 V
    Peak Power91.0 kW
    Diameter Over Dielectric24.13 mm | 0.950 in
    Construction Materials
    Outer Conductor MaterialCorruaged Copper
    Dielectric MaterialFoam PE
    Inner Conductor MaterialCopper
    Mechanical Specifications
    Minimum Bend Radius, Multiple Bends254.00 mm | 10.00 in
    Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend127.00 mm | 5.00 in
    Flat Plate Crush Strength75.0 lb/in
    Number of Bends, Min15
    Number of Bends, Typical30
    Tensile Strength159 kg | 350 lbs
    Standard Conditions
    Attenuation /Ambient Temperature20° C | 68° F
    Average Power, Ambient Temperature40° C | 104° F
    Average Power, Inner Conductor Temperature100° C | 212° F
    Electrical Specifications
    Capacitance22.0 pF/ft | 73.0 pF/m
    Electrical Specification
    dc Test Voltage6000 V
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