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TELETILT Bottom Smart Bias Tee BTS=DIN Male : ANT=DIN Fem

Suggested Retail: $562.00
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Teletilt® AISG Smart Bias Tees Eliminates the long AISG RET control cable by feeding power and data signals along the existing RF coaxial cable.
Teletilt® Bottom Smart Bias Tee
  • Injects AISG power and control signals onto a coaxial cable line
  • Reduces cable and site lease costs by eliminating the need for AISG home run cables
  • AISG 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • Operates at 10-30 Vdc
  • Weatherproof AISG connectors
  • Intuitive schematics simplify and ensure proper installation
  • Enhanced lightning protection plus grounding stud for additional surge protection
  • 7-16 DIN female connector (ANT)
  • 7-16 DIN male connector (BTS)
  • Electrical Specifications
    Impedance50 ohms
    ProtocolAISG 1.1 | AISG 2.0
    Mechanical Specifications
    AISG Input Connector8-pin DIN Male
    Electrical Specifications
    3rd Order IMD-158.0 dBc
    Insertion Loss, Typical0.1 dB
    General Specifications
    Smart Bias Tee Type10-30 V Bottom
    Operating Frequency Band698-2690 MHz
    Electrical Specifications
    Antenna Interface SignalAISG data | dc | RF
    BTS Interface Signaldc Blocked | RF
    Interface Protocol SignalData | dc
    Voltage Range10-30 Vdc
    Return Loss22 dB
    Power Consumption, Max0.6 W
    RF Power, Max250 W @ 1850 MHz, 500 W @ 850 MHz
    3rd Order IMD Test MethodTwo +43 dBm carriers
    Mechanical Specifications
    Antenna Interface7-16 DIN Female
    BTS Interface7-16 DIN Male
    Lightning Surge Capability5 times @ -3 kA, 5 times @ 3 kA
    Lightning Surge Capability Waveform1.2/50 voltage and 8/20 current combination waveform
    ANDATSBT-TOP-FM-4G TELETILT Top Smart Bias Tee BTS=DIN Female : ANT=DIN Male
    Suggested Retail: $562.00

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