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RET Control Cable Grounding
Suggested Retail: $60.00
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Teletilt® RET Cable Grounding Kit Provides grounding for RET (remote electrical tilt) control cable.

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  • Used for grounding control cables at recommended 60-meter intervals
  • Grounds RET cable at connectors, eliminating need to cut into cable jacket
  • Includes ground cable for connecting to the main ground buss
  • Easily mounts to a pole
  • General Specifications
    IncludesGrounding bracket assembly with band clamp | Grounding cable with lugs
    Mechanical Specifications
    Grounding Cable Length609.6 mm | 24.0 in
    Grounding Cable Nominal Diameter16.00 mm | 0.63 in
    Lightning Surge Current16 kA
    Lightning Surge Current Waveform10/350 waveform