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1/2" Corrugated Alum Plenum Air Diel 50 Ohm Coax, Wht Jckt
Item #ANDAL4RPV-50-1000-B
Suggested Retail: $3.09
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For shorter lengths See AL4RPV-50-3000 and AL4RPV-50-500.
  • HELIAX® Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable
  • Corrugated aluminum
  • 1/2 in
  • Off white PVC jacket

    This part number is intended for requirements in multiples of 1000 Ft. For Non-1000 Ft multiples requirements, use AL4RPV-50-3000(Odd footages). Also AL4RPV-50-500 can be used in multiples of 500 Ft.

  • Electrical Specifications
    Operating Frequency Band1-6000 Mhz
    Dimensions1/2 in (Nominal Size)
    Diameter Over Jacket15.748 mm | 0.620 in
    Cable Impedance50 Ohm +/-2 Ohm
    dc Test Voltage4000 V
    Inner Conductor OD4.5720 mm | 0.180 in
    Outer Conductor OD14.046 mm | 0.553 in
    Construction Material
    Dielectric MaterialPE spline
    Inner Conductor MaterialCopper-clad aluminum wire
    Jacket ColorOff-white
    Outer Conductor MaterialCorrugated aluminum
    Diameter Over Jacket15.748 mm | 0.620 in
    Inner Conductor OD4.5720 mm | 0.1800 in
    Outer Conductor OD14.046 mm | 0.553 in
    Electrical Specifications
    dc Resistance, Inner Conductor1.570 ohms/km | 0.480 ohms/kft
    dc Resistance, Outer Conductor1.570 ohms/km | 0.480 ohms/kft
    Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms)5000 V
    Peak Power40.0 kW
    Power Attenuation2.325
    Pulse Reflection0.50%
    Construction Material
    Jacket MaterialPVC
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