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Item #AND35409-18
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EWP63S, HELIAX Super Premium Elliptical Waveguide, 6.425-7.125 GHz, black non-halogenated, fire retardant polyolefin jacket
Storage Temperature-30 C to +80 C (-22 F to +176 F)
Operating Temperature-30 C to +80 C (-22 F to +176 F)
Conductor MaterialCorrugated Copper
Jacket ColorBlack
Attenuation(See Spec Sheet)
Electrical Specifications
Operating Frequency Band6.425-7.125 GHz
Standard Conditions
Attenuation, Ambient Temperature75°C | 75°F
Return Loss (dB)32.3
Cable Volume9.20 ft³/kft | 855.0 L/km
Diameter Over Jacket (E Plane)2.01 in | 51.10 mm
eTE11 Mode Cutoff4.001 GHz
Environmental Specifications
Installation Temperature-25 C to +60 C (-13 F to +140 F)
General Specifications
Average Power, Temperature Rise42°C | 76°F
Construction Materials
Jacket MaterialNon-halogenated, Fire Retardant Polyolefin
Maximum Twist1.00°/ft | 3.00°/m
Toxicity Index Test MethodIEC 60754-2
Cable Weight0.51 lb/ft | 0.76 kg/m
Diameter Over Jacket (H Plane)1.16 in | 29.50 mm
Mechanical Specifications
Fire Retardancy Test MethodUL 1666/CATVR/CMR
Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend (H Plane)20.00 in | 510.00 mm
Return Loss ⁄ VSWR
(See Spec Sheet)
Frequency Band6.425-7.125 GHz
Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend (E Plane)7.00 in | 180.00 mm
Minimum Bend Radius, Multiple Bends (H Plane)29.00 in | 740.00 mm
Group Delay126 ns/100 ft @ 6.775 GHz
413 ns/100 m @ 6.775 GHz
Minimum Bend Radius, Multiple Bends (E Plane)10.00 in | 260.00 mm
Performance NoteValues typical, unless otherwise stated
Attenuation, Ambient Temperature40°C | 104°F