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RF Industries

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RF Industries
0-3.0 GHz 50W N-Male Square Termination Load, PIM=<110dB
50W Termination Load.
List Price: $198.21
RF Industries
0-6.0 GHz 2W 4.3 Male Round Termination Load
List Price: $63.54
RF Industries
0-6.0 GHz 2W DIN Male Round Termination Load
List Price: $63.24
RF Industries
1 ft LMR240 QMA Male to Mini UHF Female Assembly
List Price: $40.94
RF Industries
1/2W, 1.5 GHz BNC Male Termination 50 Ohm, N,G,D
List Price: $4.63
RF Industries
14 MM Torque Wrench, 8 IN lbs TNC Connectors
Torque Wrench for CompPro TNC Male Connectors
List Price: $164.04
RF Industries
14pc Test Cable Kit, w/Conn & Strain Reliefs, 4' RG58A/U
14 piece Test Cable Kit.
List Price: $556.03
RF Industries
1Watt, 1-30dB Attenuator BNC Switched
1W Variable Attenuator.
List Price: $846.24
RF Industries
2-Step Strip Tool for RG6/58/59/142
List Price: $47.37
RF Industries
24 pc Mobile Radio Adapter Kit incl. N, UHF, & BNC w/Case
Adapter kit from RF Industries contains 24 N, UHF and BNC adapters.
List Price: $429.18
RF Industries
25 pc N-Male Installation Kit, LMR400, 9913,Incl Case w/Tools
Includes 25 RFN1006-31 Conn
List Price: $1,195.24
RF Industries
2xRFA4005-20 Crimp Tools w/1ea RFA4005-01&02 Dies and Case
List Price: $302.09
RF Industries
3-In-1 Tool, Wire Stripper, Cutter and Pliers AWG 10-22
Wire stripper and cutter tool.
List Price: $21.13
RF Industries
3-Step Coax Stripping Tool for RG6, 58, 59 and 142 Cables
List Price: $50.30
RF Industries
3-Step Strip Tool w/Adjustable Blades for RG8 Size Cables
List Price: $73.12
RF Industries
3/4" (Hex Nut Size) Torque Wrench, 14 IN lbs,N-Type Conns
Torque Wrench for CompPro Type-N Male Connectors
List Price: $153.36
RF Industries
30 Piece Unidapt Adapter Kit, Std Adapters with Case
RF Adapter Kit.
List Price: $272.06
RF Industries
30 Piece, Unidapt WIFI Adapter Kit, Std & Rev Pol Adapt, Case
WIFI Adapter Kit.
List Price: $267.51
RF Industries
31 Piece Unidapt Kit w/ Cable Tester and Case
RF Adapter & Tester Kit.
List Price: $503.15
RF Industries
380-2700 Mhz Low Pim 2-way Power Splitter, N-Female, 300w
List Price: $150.15

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