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Frequency Range
Mounts & Accessories
Antenna Type
DB Spectra
100-960MHz Short Haul Control Station Combiner 8-Channels
100-960 MHz, 8 Ch. Combiner
List Price: $2,499.00
DB Spectra
148-824 MHz 8-Channel Receiver Multicoupler
Receiver Multicoupler
  • 8 to 32 Channels
  • List Price: $2,275.00
    DB Spectra
    150-164 MHz 2.6 dB Omni Antenna, N-Female
    VHF Omni Antennas (150-164 MHz)
    List Price: $2,655.00
    DB Spectra
    150-164 MHz, 0 dBd, Omni Fiberglass Antenna, N-F Conn
    VHF Omni Antennas (150-164 MHz)
    List Price: $1,345.00
    DB Spectra
    19" Rack Mount Panel, 2RU
    List Price: $137.50
    DB Spectra
    300-600 MHz 0-500W RF Power Meter, DIN Females
    List Price: $2,700.00
    DB Spectra
    450-482 MHz 0dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna, DIN Female
    List Price: $960.00
    DB Spectra
    450-482 MHz, 0dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station Ant, N-Fem
    Fiberglass Omni UHF Antennas (450-482 MHz)
    List Price: $860.00
    DB Spectra
    450-482MHz 0dB Fiberglass Dual Omni Antenna, DIN Female
    UHF Dual Antennas (450-482 MHz)Fiberglass Omni. Two antennas in a single radome.
    List Price: $1,880.00
    DB Spectra
    450-512 MHz 2-Channel Hybrid Transmitter Combiner
    List Price: $4,315.53
    DB Spectra
    Antenna Support Assembly
    Top Sway Brace - Outrigger Mounting
    List Price: $595.00
    DB Spectra
    Single Band RX Window Filter, high isolation to in band TX's
    List Price: $2,337.00
    DB Spectra
    UHF 4 Channel TX Combiner
    Cavity Transmitter Combiner
  • 2 to 10 channels
  • DB4368 Series (350-512 MHz)
  • List Price: $9,320.00

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