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B-Line by Eaton

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B-Line by Eaton
End Support Kit Cable Tray Special

Runway Foot Kit
List Price: $41.16
Equipment Rack Earthquake Brace Kit, 5/8" Hardware
Earthquake Brace Kit
  • Two 90 degree brackets
  • 5/8" isolator
  • Eight 5/8-11" Hex Nuts
  • Eight 5/8" lock washers
  • Four 5/8-11" x 3-1/2" hex head MB
  • Four 5/8-11" x 1" hex head MB
  • One runway support Kit
  • One 5/8-11" x 36" Threaded Rod
  • List Price: $168.59
    Gray Plastic End Cap for 7/8" x 1-5/8" Channel, 100/Pkg
    List Price: $130.40
    B-Line by Eaton
    Dura-Blok Rooftop Support DB Series, 5" x 6" x 20.2"

    DB Series - Support Bases with B44 Channel. Dura-Blok Rooftop Support
    List Price: $69.56
    B-Line by Eaton
    Crossover Framing Clip,2" x 9/16" Support Size, 11/16"
    Yellow Zinc
    List Price: $6.48
    B-Line by Eaton
    Ceilng Hanger Bracket Kit, 1/2" threaded Rod, Yellow Zinc

    Auxiliary Supports and Accessories - Ceiling hanger bracket kit
    List Price: $14.30
    B-Line by Eaton
    Ceilng Hanger Bracket Kit, 5/8" threaded Rod, Yellow Zinc
    List Price: $15.10
    B-Line by Eaton
    Guard Rail, 19" Rack Width, 5-1/4" Depth, Telco Gray
    List Price: $75.12
    B-Line by Eaton
    Heavy Duty Shelf, Solid, 19" Rack Width, 10", Brushed Alum
    List Price: $198.04
    B-Line by Eaton
    Neoprene Runway End Cap for SB15/17 10/Pkg

    Cable Runways and Accessories - Neoprene End Caps
    List Price: $41.70
    B-Line by Eaton
    Neoprene Runway End Cap for SB24, 10/Pkg

    Cable Runways and Accessories - Neoprene End Caps
    List Price: $46.46
    B-Line by Eaton
    Offset Cable Horn, Stringer Mounted, 3/8"x2" Stringers
    Yellow Zinc
    List Price: $18.86
    B-Line by Eaton
    List Price: $2.42
    B-Line by Eaton
    Ladder Rack J-Bolt Kit, 1-1/2" Yellow Zinc
    Cable Runway Accessory - "J" Bolt Kit
    List Price: $10.76
    B-Line by Eaton
    J-Clip Kit, 1.5" Runway Height use w/ 9/16" x 2" Tube,Ylw Znc
    Cable Runway Accessories - One Pair of "J" Clips
    List Price: $13.46
    B-Line by Eaton
    J-Clip with Hardware
    List Price: $7.30
    B-Line by Eaton
    Cable to Rod, 2" Hook, 3/8" Plain or Threaded Rod, 100/Pkg
    List Price: $619.70
    B-Line by Eaton
    Cable Tray Clamp
    List Price: $8.50
    B-Line by Eaton
    90 Degree Universal Vertical Runway Bend, 1-1/2" Stringer
    12" Width, 12"
    List Price: $175.34
    B-Line by Eaton
    Adapter Plate, 5-3/16" Overall Height,3 MTG Spaces,Telco Gray
    List Price: $70.58

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