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Integrated Bias Tee

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TELETILT Top Smart Bias Tee BTS=DIN Female : ANT=DIN Male
Teletilt® Top Smart Bias Tee

The AISG Smart Bias Tee is designed to eliminate the long AISG data cable run from the base to the top of a cell site tower by electronically injecting (piggy-backing) power and control signals onto an existing RF coaxial cable run.
List Price: $562.00
BTS Feed Smart Bias Tee
Smart Bias Tee.
List Price: Call for Pricing
806-960/1710-2170 MHz Bias Tee Surge Arrst Din-M/F,SMA-F Port
Dual Band Bias Tee Surge Arrestor, 806-960 MHz and 1700-2170 MHz, with interface types DIN Male and DIN Female
List Price: $249.83
806-960 / 1710-2170 MHZ Bias Tee, Din-Fem/Male SMA-Fem Port
Dual Band Bias Tee Surge Arrestor, 698-960 MHz and 1710-2170 MHz, with interface type DIN Female and DIN Male
List Price: $206.00
698-2170 MHz Top Smart Bias-T Ant=DIN Fem:BTS=DIN Fem
List Price: $163.50

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