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Material Finish
B-Line by Eaton
Power Cable Support J-Bracket Yellow Zinc, Medium

Single power cable supports, yellow zinc
List Price: $24.26
B-Line by Eaton
Power Cable Support, J-Bracket Yellow Zinc, Large

Single Power Cable Support, yellow zinc
List Price: $17.06
B-Line by Eaton
Runway Wall Clamp Kit

Runway Hold Down Clamp Kit
List Price: $21.86
B-Line by Eaton
Runway Support Kit, 1-1/2" Runway Height, 5/8"-11 ATR
Yellow Zinc 2/Pkg
List Price: $14.26
B-Line by Eaton
Power Cable Support, J-Bracket Yellow Zinc, Small

Single power cable supports, Yellow Zinc
List Price: $15.48
B-Line by Eaton
Power Cable Support, Dual Level, Yellow Zinc

Single power support cable, yellow zinc
List Price: $30.71
B-Line by Eaton
Ladder Rack J-Bolt Kit, 1-1/2" Yellow Zinc
Cable Runway Accessory - "J" Bolt Kit
List Price: $10.24
B-Line by Eaton
90 Degree Horizontal Runway Junction Clamp, Yellow Zinc
Cable Runway Accessory - Pair of Splice Clamps
List Price: $13.40
B-Line by Eaton
1-1/2" Hi Runway Support Kit for 5/8"-11 ATR, Yellow Zinc

Slotted runway support kit
List Price: $15.98
B-Line by Eaton
6" Runway Wall Angle Support Kit, Yellow Zinc
List Price: $35.32
B-Line by Eaton
Splice Extension Clamp Kit

Pair of Splice Clamps
List Price: $13.14
B-Line by Eaton
12" Runway Wall Support Kit, Yellow Zinc
B-Line Runway Wall Angle Support Kit
List Price: $33.42
B-Line by Eaton
Tubular Stringers 12"Wx10'L Yellow Zinc

Tubular Stringer, 1-1/2", Yellow Zinc
List Price: $126.08
B-Line by Eaton
J-Clip Kit, 1.5" Runway Height use w/ 9/16" x 2" Tube,Ylw Znc
Cable Runway Accessories - One Pair of "J" Clips
List Price: $12.82
B-Line by Eaton
6-1/2" x 5-1/4" Power Cable Support, Telco Gray

Single Power Cable Support, Telco Gray
List Price: $22.72
B-Line by Eaton
Runway Stringer Reducer Butt Splice Kit, Yellow Zinc

Runway stringer reducer Butt-Splice Kit
List Price: $33.48
B-Line by Eaton
End Support Kit Cable Tray Special

Runway Foot Kit
List Price: $39.20
B-Line by Eaton
1.5"x6"Wx10' Tubular Stringer Style Cable Runway,Yellow Zinc

1-1/2" Tubular Stringer, Yellow Zinc
List Price: $145.58
B-Line by Eaton
1.5"x12"x10' Tubular Stringer Style Runway Telco Gray

1-1/2" Tubular Stringer, Telco Gray
List Price: $125.24
B-Line by Eaton
J-Clip with Hardware
List Price: $6.96

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