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Waveguide Bridge Accys & Components

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Mounts & Accessories
Structural Support
MTS Wireless
24"W Waveguide Bridge Support Bracket for 3-1/2" OD Pipe
List Price: $54.40
MTS Wireless
3-1/2" OD Pipe Cap
List Price: $4.00
MTS Wireless
4 Hole Antenna Cable Support Bracket
Antenna and RRU Cable Support Bracket.
List Price: $42.91
MTS Wireless
5"W Waveguide Bridge Support Bracket for 3-1/2" OD Pipe
Waveguide Bridge Support Bracket, 5 in wide for 3-1/2 in OD legs
List Price: $46.00
MTS Wireless
24"W 4-Post WG Bridge Support Bracket for 3-1/2" OD Pipe
List Price: $64.48
MTS Wireless
24"W 3-Rung 24-Run Waveguide Bridge Trapeze Kit
List Price: $52.80
MTS Wireless
24"W 1-Rung Waveguide Bridge Trapeze Kit
List Price: $29.12
MTS Wireless
24"W 2-Rung 12-Run Waveguide Bridge Trapeze Kit
List Price: $49.28
MTS Wireless
24"W 2-Rung Waveguide Bridge Z-Bracket Trapeze Kit
List Price: $72.56
MTS Wireless
24"W 3-Rung 18-Run Waveguide Bridge Trapeze Kit
List Price: $56.00
MTS Wireless
7"-14" OD Wood Pole Top Hat 3-Sector Platform, 12.5' Face
Wood Pole Top Hat, 12 ft 6 in face, 7 in to 14 in wood poles
List Price: $4,200.00
MTS Wireless
Custom 10'-6" x 3.5" OD 4-Hole Base Shoe Pipe Column w/Hdwe
Custom Item
List Price: $225.00
MTS Wireless
Waveguide Bridge Base Shoe
List Price: $76.54
MTS Wireless
Waveguide Bridge Pipe Head for 3-1/2" OD Pipes
List Price: $162.63
MTS Wireless
Waveguide Bridge Wall Support Angle, (Wall Anchors Not Incl)
List Price: $30.24
MTS Wireless
Wood Pole Pipe Clamp, Set of 2 for 1-1/2"-3-1/2" OD Pipes
Wood Pole Pipe Clamp
List Price: $74.00
MTS Wireless
Univ Wood Pole Rnd Mmbr Supp Brkt,(6)7/16 & 3/4 Holes 10/Pk
Universal Round Member Support Bracket, wood pole, for six coaxial cable runs
List Price: $96.00
MTS Wireless
Single Pipe Head Support Kit for 12" Wide Waveguide Bridge
List Price: $45.70
MTS Wireless
Double Pipe Head Support Kit for 24" Wide Waveguide Bridge
List Price: $76.55
MTS Wireless
Fast Assembly Dual RRU Mount
Fast Access Remote Radio Mount.
List Price: $249.00

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