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3.0-4.0 GHz

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Frequency Range
Connectors Size
Radio Waves
3.65GHz 17dBi 60deg Sector Antenna
Sector Antenna.
List Price: $917.00
Radio Waves
3.65GHz 16dBi 90deg Sector Antenna, V-Pol, N-Female
Sector Antenna.
List Price: $890.00
Radio Waves
3.65GHz 14dBi 120deg Sector Antenna
Sector Antenna.
List Price: $1,190.00
Mobile Mark
3.4-3.7 GHz 12 dBi 60 Degree BW WiMax Panel Antenna N-Jack
Sector Antenna Grey 3.4-3.7Ghz 12dbi 60 Degree with N Jack.
List Price: $296.90

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