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Mobile Antenna Parts

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Laird / Antenex
Heavy Duty Z Shaped 3/4" Hole L Bracket
Mobile Mount Kits & Brackets
List Price: $10.10
Pulse / Larsen
KG Series Glass Mount Antennas Reinstallation Kit
List Price: $15.60
Mobile Mark
GSM/Wifi/GPS License Plate Combo Antenna
Mobile Mark's patented CLP Series Covert License Plate Frame Antenna accommodates multiple antennas in one package. The antenna elements are placed inside the frame of the license plate and are not visible from the outside.
List Price: $157.10
Laird / Antenex
Elastomer Spring for B-Series Bases .100" whip
Replacement Elastomer Spring
List Price: $38.31
Laird / Antenex
Chrome Spring for 'B' and 'C' Series Load Coils w/Set Screws
List Price: $17.50
Pulse / Larsen
LM-150 Series Replacement Coil 144-174 MHz
List Price: $36.06
Pulse / Larsen
NMO High Frequency Round Magnetic Mounts
List Price: $40.70
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount, 17' RG58 Loose Mini PL259 Connector
List Price: $39.45
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount w/ 17' RG58A/U, No Connector
List Price: $37.95
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount W/17'RG58 Loose PL259 Connector, Sol
List Price: $39.45
Maxrad / PCTEL
MUF4505, MAX455 Rod Assembly, Chrome, 5/Pkg
Replacement Rod
List Price: $102.35
Laird / Antenex
Chrome Spring for 'A' Series Mobile Antennas w/Set Screws
Low Profile Base Chrome Spring w/Key & Set Screw
List Price: $17.22
Pulse / Larsen
Chrome Shock Spring
List Price: $20.47
Pulse / Larsen
Black Plastic Rain Cap for NMO Mounts
List Price: $6.51
Pulse / Larsen
Black Shock Spring
List Price: $28.20
Laird / Antenex
Black Mirror MT BKT with 3/4" NMO MT and 17' RG58A/U
List Price: $57.95
Maxrad / PCTEL
Black Mirror Bracket Mount, 17' RG58 loose Mini PL259 conn
List Price: $42.55
Maxrad / PCTEL
Black Mag Mount 15' RG58U w/ Rubber Boot & TNC Male Attchd
List Price: $38.88
Laird / Antenex
Black Spring for 'B' and 'C' Series Load Coils w/Set Screws
List Price: $23.23
Maxrad / PCTEL
Black, Mirror Bracket Mount, RG58A/U, Loose PL259 Connector
List Price: $42.55

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