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Crimp Tools

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Braided Cable
Coaxial Tools
RF Industries
Crimp Tool for RG8 Cables w/Carrying Case
List Price: $206.53
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Handle & Die Kit, w/ RFA4009-20, -01, -05
RF Industries LMR 400 & 600 Crimp Tool Kit for LMR Connectors.
List Price: $733.06
Crimp Tool for Lugs and Splice #2 thru #12 AWG and #2 Solid
HYTOOL™ Ergonomic Full Cycle Ratchet Hand Tool
List Price: $300.00
Crimp Tool for Grounding Kits with Crimp-On Lugs
List Price: $409.78
Crimp Tool for CNT240 Connectors
List Price: $144.45
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Handle with RFA-4009-01 Die Set for LMR600
List Price: $530.29
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Handle with RFA-4009-03 Die Set for LMR240
Professional Grade Crimp Tool RFA-4009-20 and Die Set RFA-4009-03 Hex Cavities: .042 inches, .068 inches, .255 inches, for Cable Group D, P, X, W comes in Cardboard Box.
List Price: $540.09
Lug Crimp Tool #6 thru 4/0
Large Crimp Tool - Compound-Action
List Price: $271.32
PATRIOT High Perf Hydraulic, Batt Actuated Crimping Tool
List Price: $8,518.83
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Tool Handle with Piston Action, No Dies
List Price: $390.38
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Handle with RFA4009-06 for Cbl Grp C,C1,C2
Carrying Case for Crimp Handle is Included. The Die Set is in a seperate case.
List Price: $550.35
RF Industries
Heavy Duty Crimp Handle with RFA-4009-05 Die Set
List Price: $550.62
Crimp Tool for #8 to #22 Lugs
List Price: $636.53
RF Industries
Crimp Tool Handle Only for RFA4005-XX Die Sets
List Price: $72.88
Laird / Antenex
4-Cav Crimp Tool for RG58 and Low Loss RG8X Conn, RG400
List Price: $67.01
RF Industries
Cat5 Assembly and Test Kit
List Price: $503.21
Laird / Antenex
3-Cav Crimp Tool for RG8, 213, 214 & LMR400 Type Connectors
List Price: $67.01
RF Industries
2xRFA4005-20 Crimp Tools w/1ea RFA4005-01&02 Dies and Case
List Price: $302.09
12 Ton Hand Operated Hydraulic Crimper
Burndy Y750HSXT Revolver Hypress Hydraulic Hand Operated Tool, 12 Ton Crimp Force, #14 - 750 kcmil Copper/Aluminum, #4 - 556.5 kcmil ACSR Conductor Range.
List Price: $4,052.45
Cat5e Crimp Tool RJ45 EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool
EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool is designed for the professional installer demanding consistent, reliable and repeatable terminations, every time.
List Price: $89.99

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