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Verizon’s Minor Material Distributor Direct (MMDD) program was created by Verizon’s Global Supply Chain for Verizon personnel and General Contractors to purchase minor material items for all Verizon-related projects or sites at the Verizon contracted prices.

Talley and Graybar are the ONLY two approved MMDD distributors. GC orders should only be placed with Talley and/or Graybar.

Make sure you have an active Verizon MMDD account set up at Talley, and a valid FUZE ID and/or site name.

You can log in to your Verizon MMDD account on Talley’s online portal Verizon MMDD Program - Talley Inc. (talleycom.com) and using our market-designed Verizon BOMS, you can quickly and easily generate quotes and orders. You can also reach out to Talley directly.

With the Verizon MMDD program team, our knowledgeable customer experience team members, and our Regional Sales Managers, Talley has you covered!

Currently, Talley is stocking and supporting Huber & Suhner, RFS Technologies, and Commscope 6x12 hybrid trunks and hybrid tails.

Starting June 30th, under a Verizon advisory, Commscope will no longer be an approved vendor for hybrid trunks and tails. At that time, Talley will be able to sell Commscope models that exist in our on-hand inventory. Huber and Suhner and RFS Technologies will remain as approved solutions.

In addition, under the new OVP design, Verizon has approved the use of Huber and Suhner, RFS Technologies, and a new supplier, Cablcon. Talley is here to support all three Verizon-approved vendor solutions and provide delivery to meet your site construction needs.

Please be sure to use our online Verizon BOMs for all current orderable models!

Quotes are valid for 30 days. This is due to potential price changes that occur on Verizon’s contracted material. Talley is always happy to provide you with a current quote if needed. Just call or email, and we can provide you with an accurately dated quote.

Talley's purchasing team actively reviews all MMDD contracted items to ensure stock is readily available for immediate pickup and shipment. For MMDD contracted items, Talley is committed to working with the GC to deliver material within 14 days of the provided CX need by date.

GCs must submit a valid Talley or Graybar quote or invoice in PDF format. These submittals will be reviewed by Global Supply Chain for accuracy during market compliance reviews.

As a Verizon contractor, you should have received an email at the beginning of 2023 with a Verizon Tax Certificate named specifically for that Verizon contractor. The contractor (e.g., your company) is to supply the Tax Exemption Certificate to the vendor (e.g., Talley) so the vendor does not charge sales tax to the contractor on purchases. Once you provide us with that certificate, we can remove sales tax on the quotes/orders/open invoices associated with the appropriate Verizon MMDD account at Talley. If you have further questions, we recommend you reach out to vzw.ap.vendor.tax.exemptions@verizon.com and ask for your company’s Tax Exemption Certificate.

Yes, all freight charges associated with your order will be visible on invoices after the order ships. These amounts can be added to your Verizon billing portal at the time you submit your material invoices. Estimated freight is not shown on quotes. This allows flexibility to have materials shipped or setup for Will Call. Some markets may ask for estimated freight to be shown on quotes. This can be provided from the Talley team upon request.