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3Z Telecom
3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Kit
Antenna Alignment Tool with HD Camera
Camera license must be purchased separately (item #MIS3Z-RFV-CAMLIC) or (item #MIS3Z-RFV-CAMLIC)
List Price: $7,929.34
Sunsight Instruments
AAT Unit, .30 Degree RMS Azimuth with Soft Case, Wrist Cuff, Mount
  • Most featured-packed antenna alignment tool on the market
  • No cables, no software, no downloading, no post processing required
  • Save time and money with twice as many satellites to capture
  • List Price: $6,395.00
    Sunsight Instruments
    AAT-15 MW Path Alignment Kit
    2) AAT-15 MW Aligners 2) Hard Carrying Case 2) IP68 Rugged Tablets 2) Universal Microwave Mounts
    List Price: $18,999.00
    3Z Telecom
    Air 32 Mounting Bracket for the 3Z RF Aligner
    Lightweight and easy to use mounting solution for AIR32 antennas.
    List Price: $308.99
    Analyzer Calibration Extender Self-calibrate PIM Analyzer
    List Price: $2,500.00
    Sunsight Instruments
    Antenna Alignment Tool Air 21 Mount
    Antenna Alignment Tool base unit, works with Ericsson Air21, Air32 and Air11 Antennas
    List Price: $357.73
    Sunsight Instruments
    Antenna Alignment Tool Azimuth Scope Kit
    Sunsight Azimuth Scope Kit - TRIPOD NOT PICTURED
    List Price: $973.75
    Sunsight Instruments
    Browser Enabled Android Smart Phone, Rugged, IP68 Waterproof
    Sunsight Smart Phone
    List Price: $306.48
    Sunsight Instruments
    Hard Side Case for SUNSIGHT AAT-30
    Hard Side Case for AAT-30
    List Price: $306.48
    Sunsight Instruments
    Replacement Laser Rangefinder Cable for the AAT-30
    Laser Rangefinder Cable
    List Price: $60.32
    Sunsight Instruments
    Round Antenna Mount for Tubular & Kathrein Antennas
    Round antenna mount for tubular and Kathrein antennas (ex: Kathrein p/n 840 10515 or 840 10516)
    List Price: $357.73
    Sunsight Instruments
    Side Mount Extension
    Side Mount Extention
    List Price: $511.48

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