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Frequency Range
Connectors Size
1710-2170/2302-2690MHz Twin Dual Band Combiner w/DC Switch
Twin Dual Band Combiner with DC Switch , 1710-2170/2302-2690MHz
List Price: $495.00
1900/AWS3-4 x6 Combiner Selectable DC/AISG
List Price: $1,680.00
1900Mz Twin Same Band Combiner DC AISG SW, BTS1=A4,A5
List Price: $3,334.00
1900Mz Twin Same Band Combiner DC AISG SW, BTS1=D,B3
List Price: $3,334.00
50-2200/2400-2500MHz Dual Band Combiner, N-Fem
List Price: Call for Pricing
550-960/1695-2700MHz Combiner 6 RackUnit, DC/AISG, Sense, 4.3/10
List Price: $3,104.64
550-960/1695-2700MHz Combiner Quad Unit, DC/AISG, Sense, 4.3/10
List Price: $1,697.08
600-700/850/1900/AWS Sngl Unit Combiner,DC/AISG Sensing,4.3-F
List Price: $1,462.00
600-700/850/1900/AWS Twin Unit Combiner, DC/AISG, Sense, 4.3-F
  • Pole/wall bracket
  • Two metal clamps for 45-178 mm diameter poles
  • List Price: $2,849.39
    698-746/824-894MHz Single Unit Combiner, DC Path to 700
    Single Unit Combiner , DC Path to 700 , 698-746/824-894MHz
    List Price: $340.00
    698-798,850,AWS/PCS Triple Band Combiner, Twin Unit
    Triple Band Combiner, 700 Full (698-798) and 850 and PCS/AWS, Twin Unit
    List Price: $1,430.00
    698-798/824-894MHz Twin Dual Band Combiner w/DC Switch
    List Price: $1,033.33
    698-960/1710-2700MHz Dual Band Combiner, Twin Unit
    Dual Band Combiner, 698-960 and 1710-2700 MHZ, Twin Unit
    List Price: $442.00
    698-960/1710-2700MHz Single Combiner, DC/AISG Auto Sense
    Dual Band Combiner, 698-960 and 1710-2700MHz, w/ integrated AISG modem, Single Unit
    List Price: $239.00
    700 Full/850/PCS/AWS Single Unit Combiner, DC/AISG Bypass
    List Price: $662.00
    700/850/1900/AWS Multi Band Combiner, DC Switch, Twin Unit
    List Price: $1,760.00
    700/850/1900/AWS Quad Band Combiner, DC Switch, Sngl Unit
    Quad Band Combiner, 700 and 850 and 1900 and AWS, DC Switch, Single Unit
    List Price: $954.00
    850MHz CDMA/LTE SBC Combiner, Twin Unit, DC/AISG Autosensing
    List Price: $2,000.00
    PCS/AWS Dual Band Combiner, Twin Unit, DC Switch
    PCS/AWS Dual Band Combiner, Twin Unit, DC Switch
    List Price: $722.22
    PCS/AWS Single Band Combiner, Twin Unit, DC Switch
    Twin Unit , PCS/AWS Single Band Combiner, DC Switch
    List Price: $361.00

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