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Power & Surge Protection
DuraComm Corporation
12VDC 15 Amp Desk Top Power Supply, Intrnl Batt, 88-264Vac
LPB Series Desktop Power Supply
List Price: $409.50
DuraComm Corporation
13.8 VDC, 15 Amp Desktop Power Supply, Internal Battery
Power Supply, Desktop, 200W, 12A, 13.8VDC, W/internal 7AH Battery.
List Price: $350.50
220 VAC, 12V 20 Amp Switching Power Supply, 7.1" Width
COMM SERIES DC Power Supplies in 12, 24 and 48VDC Output
List Price: $160.00
DuraComm Corporation
Low Profile Power Supply/BBU Chg/Lvd 115/230v 13.8vdc 13.5a
Power Supply, Desktop, 250W, 15A, 13.8VDC, W/Battery charging and LVD.
List Price: $133.50

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