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Frequency Range
Braided Cable
Mounts & Accessories
Antenna Type
Connectors Size
.690-6.4 GHz, Sencity Optima DAS Indoor Omni Ant, N-Female
Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable
List Price: $121.35
Maxrad / PCTEL
.698-6.0 GHz 1.5-6dBi Low PIM Ceiling Mount Omni Ant, N-Fem
Ceiling Mount Omnidirectional Antenna.
List Price: $69.49
Mars Antenna
.698-6.5 GHz Omni Ceiling Mount In Building Antenna
698 MHz - 6.5 GHz Multi Band Omni Antenna - Ceiling Mountable
List Price: $40.80
132-174,380-570,700-960 MHz Indr DAS, Ceiling Ant N-Female
Ceiling Antenna N-Female , Antenna 132-174 / 380-570 / 700-960 MHz
List Price: $220.00
132-174MHz In Bldg VHF Antenna V-Thinity Public Safety DAS
V-Thinity In Building VHF Antenna , 132-174 MHz
  • Wide bandwidth VHF
  • Optimized To Low-Frequency In-Building Environments
  • VSWR <2:1
  • 15x15 In.
  • List Price: $150.00
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.3-2.5 GHz ISM Ceiling Mt Ant Omni w/ 12" PT N-Female
    List Price: $33.55
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.3-2.5/4.94-5.85 GHz 3/4 dBi Ceiling Mt Omni, 18"PT, N-Fem
    List Price: $33.51
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4 GHz Omni Diversity Ceiling Mount Antenna w/ N-Female Conn
    List Price: $53.81
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4-2.48/4.9-5.58GHz 4dBi/6dBi Hallway Antenna
    List Price: $18.20
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4-2.5 GHz 3dBi Dual 3Ft Plenum RG58/U, N-Female Conn
    List Price: $83.65
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4-2.5/4.9-5.9 GHz 2.5/3 dBi Ceiling Mount 6-Port MIMO Ant
    List Price: $150.00
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4/4.9 GHz 4dBi MIMO Omni In/ Outdr Ant,4x3' Cbls & TNCRP-M
    These VenU™ antennas are omnidirectional, operating at both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz bands. They are designed to support access points offering 802.11n, ac coverage. The antennas are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, and include mounting hardware for wall/mast or ceiling mount applications, depending on model.
    List Price: $305.00
    Pulse / Larsen
    2G/3G/4G LTE/WiFi Low PIM DAS Ceiling Mount Omni Ant,4.3 Fem
    List Price: $259.72
    Pulse / Larsen
    2G/3G/4G LTE/WiFi Low PIM DAS Ceiling Mount Omni Antenna, N-Female
    Low PIM DAS Ceiling Mount Omni Antenna , N-Female
  • Ultra -Thin
  • Translucent (Clear)
  • Covers cellular bands and WIFI from 608 through 2700 MHz
  • RoHS Compliant
  • List Price: $238.89
    Pulse / Larsen
    2G/3G/4G LTE/WiFi Low PIM DAS Ceiling Omni Ant w/Rflctr,4.3F
    List Price: $295.83
    Pulse / Larsen
    2G/3G/4G LTE/WiFi Low PIM DAS Ceiling Omni Ant w/Rflctr,N-F
    List Price: $275.00
    Mars Antenna
    380 MHz to 6GHz Multiband Indoor Omni Antenna
    380 MHz - 6 GHz Multi Band Indoor Omni Antenna
    List Price: $120.41
    Pulse / Larsen
    380-570/698-960MHz White Omni Ceiling Mount Ant, N-Fem PT
    Clarity® Pearl In-Building Public Safety Antenna
    UHF + 700/800/900 MHz
    List Price: $177.78
    Laird / Antenex
    380-960/1395-6000 MHz MIMO Low PIM Ceiling Mount Ant, N-Fem
    Low PIM Ceiling Mount Omnidirectional Antenna
    List Price: $156.66
    Laird / Antenex
    698-2700 MHz 3dBi Ceiling Mnt Ant, 12" Plenum, N-Female
    CMS69273 SERIES, 698 to 960 MHz/1575 MHz/1710 to 2700 MHz, LTE Ceiling Mount Antenna
    List Price: $48.92

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