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Braided Cable
Cable & Wire
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RF Industries
Unicable Test Cbl Kit w/Storag Rack, 6pc, Dbl Shld RG58, 4'
Unicable™ kit.
List Price: $238.76
RF Industries
Technicians Cable Testing Kit with 16 Adapters
RF Industries cable testing kit which includes 9 volt battery and 16 adapters.
List Price: $477.82
RF Industries
Low PIM Stainless Steel Adapt Kit, 6pc, DIN-DIN & DIN N
7/16 DIN Connectors Kit.
List Price: $626.12
RF Industries
Low PIM Adapter Kits for 4.3/10 in Zipper Case, 7 Piece
Low PIM Adapter Kits for 4.3/10 In. Zipper Case, 7 Pieces
List Price: $386.44
RF Industries
Unidapt 2-Flange Kit for Telewave 44A or Bird 4304
Unidapt Flange.
List Price: $24.87
RF Industries
Unidapt 43 PC Adapter Kit w/ RF Sampler & R/A & T Adapters
43 Piece RF Adapter Kit.
List Price: $527.82
RF Industries
Universal Unidapt Kit, 30 Pcs White Bronze Finish
RF Adapter Kit.
List Price: $294.41
RF Industries
Unidapt, Flange Plate for Bird 43 Wattmeter, S,G,T
List Price: $14.83
RF Industries
Unidapt RF Sampler w/ N-Male and N-Female Conns, S,G,T
Unidapt Signal Sampler.
List Price: $80.00
RF Industries
Conn, RFA Series Adapter Kit Male Coupler for RG58A/U
List Price: $8.60
RF Industries
Case for RFA4195-02 Kit
List Price: $104.24
RF Industries
31 Piece Unidapt Kit w/ Cable Tester and Case
RF Adapter & Tester Kit.
List Price: $503.15
RF Industries
30 Piece, Unidapt WIFI Adapter Kit, Std & Rev Pol Adapt, Case
WIFI Adapter Kit.
List Price: $303.41
RF Industries
30 Piece Unidapt Adapter Kit, Std Adapters with Case
RF Adapter Kit.
List Price: $272.06
RF Industries
24 pc Mobile Radio Adapter Kit incl. N, UHF, & BNC w/Case
Adapter kit from RF Industries contains 24 N, UHF and BNC adapters.
List Price: $429.18
RF Industries
70-Piece Unidapt Adapter Kit
70 Piece Unidapt Expansion Kit.
List Price: $989.65
RF Industries
74 pc Unidapt Kit w/ Cable Tester and Case
74 Piece Unidapt MEGA-Plus Expansion Kit.
List Price: $1,261.56
RF Industries
Adapter Kit, Silver, 6pc, DIN-DIN & DIN-N
7-16 DIN Adapter Kit.
List Price: $593.06
RF Industries
Adapter Kit, Low PIM 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN to N-Style, 6 Pieces
Low PIM Adapter Kit.
List Price: $441.76
RF Industries
Adapter Kit, Low PIM 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN to 7-16 DIN, 6 Pieces
Low PIM Adapter Kit.
List Price: $440.26

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