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Braided Cable
RF Industries
Adapter, Low PIM 4.3/10 Female to N-Male, -160 dBc
List Price: $56.17
RF Industries
Adapter, Low PIM 7/16 DIN Male to 4.3/10 DIN Female, -160dBc
4.3-10 Female to 7-16 DIN Male.
List Price: $65.80
Adapter, Low PIM N-Female to 4.3/10 Male
Low PIM test adapter
List Price: $51.55
Times Microwave
Conn N Male Right Angle for 1/2 LMR600 Cable
List Price: $29.01
Times Microwave
Conn N-Female Crimp Bulkhead for LMR240
List Price: $26.09
Times Microwave
Conn N-Female Crimp for LMR400 No Braid Trim
List Price: $28.84
Times Microwave
Conn N-Male Clamp Hex/Knurled Nut for LMR400
List Price: $27.53
Times Microwave
Conn N-Male Crimp Hex/Knurled Nut for LMR195
List Price: $8.59
Times Microwave
Conn N-Male Hex Nut Clamp for LMR600 Solder Pin
List Price: $27.53
Times Microwave
Conn N-Male Hex/Knurled Nut Crimp LMR400LLPL Captive Pin
List Price: $19.97
Times Microwave
Conn N-Male Right Angle Crimp for LMR-400
List Price: $22.76
Times Microwave
Conn N/Male Crimp for LMR-195LMR-200 Non-Solder Pin
List Price: $11.36
Times Microwave
Conn Rt Ang N-Male Hex/Knurl Nut Crimp LMR240 Captive Pin
List Price: $28.61
Times Microwave
Conn, 2 Piece N-Male Clamp for LMR900 & 900LLPL w/Cap Pin
List Price: $103.24
Times Microwave
Conn, Low PIM N-Female for SPP-250
Low Loss, Low PIM Connector for SPP™ Coaxial Cables
List Price: $13.05
Times Microwave
Conn, N-Female Bulkhead Clamp (ALBALLOY), 3190-872
List Price: $28.35
RF Industries
Conn, N-Female Bulkhead for LMR195 RG58
List Price: $15.43
RF Industries
Conn, N-Female Chassis Bulkhead Mount
List Price: $10.27
RF Industries
Conn, N-Female Clamp Panel Mnt for LMR195 RG58 400; UG1095A/U
List Price: $17.03
Times Microwave
Conn, N-Female Crimp Bulkhead for LMR600
List Price: $47.92

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