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Structural Support
Material Finish
San Jamar
1"W x 6"L Clear Aluminum Equip Rack Stand-Off Tie Bracket
Aluminum stand off tie bracket
List Price: $16.00
B-Line by Eaton
2" x 9/16" Framing Clip, 11/16" Hole, Yellow Zinc
List Price: $6.74
B-Line by Eaton
3" Upright Eq Rack Top Plate Supp Kit for 24"W Runway,FlBlk
Non Cancelable, Non Returnable
List Price: $123.00
B-Line by Eaton
5/8" Ceilng Hanger Bracket Kit, Yellow Zinc
List Price: $17.06
B-Line by Eaton
6" Cable Organizer L-Bracket Yellow Zinc, Rubber Cap & Hardware

Cable Management - Metal Cable Tie Brackets
List Price: $18.74
B-Line by Eaton
6" Cable Tie Kit Telco Gray
List Price: $23.42
B-Line by Eaton
Angle Bracket, Yellow Zinc

Auxiliary supports and accesories - wall bracket
List Price: $32.18
B-Line by Eaton
Angled Drop Rod Bracket Kit, 11/16 Hole, Yellow Zinc

Auxiliary Supports and Accessories - Angled Drop Rod Bracket
List Price: $21.08
B-Line by Eaton
Ceilng Hanger Bracket Kit, 1/2" threaded Rod, Yellow Zinc

Auxiliary Supports and Accessories - Ceiling hanger bracket kit
List Price: $16.12
Fiber 145P Power Cable Tag 1.75" x 1.00"
Cable Tag
List Price: $1.40
Fiber Tag for Coaxial Cable, 1-1/4" x 3/4"
Tag without Brass Ring
List Price: $1.40
B-Line by Eaton
Heavy Duty Shelf, Solid, 19" Rack Width, 10", Brushed Alum
List Price: $223.42
Round Brass Tag, 100/Pkg
Round Brass Tag
List Price: $70.00
B-Line by Eaton
Securing Crossover Framing Clip, 2"x9/16", Yellow Zinc

Auxiliary Supports and Accessories - Securing Crossover Framing Clip Kit
List Price: $22.76
B-Line by Eaton
Wall Angle Framing Clip Kit 2"x 9/16", 5/8"-11 Yellow Zinc, 2/Pkg

Auxiliary Supports & Accessories - Wall Angle Framing Clip Kit
List Price: $10.34
B-Line by Eaton
Wall Angle Framing Kit 2" x 9/16", 1/2", Yellow Zinc
List Price: $10.04

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